See it Live

These are photos that our customers have very kindly sent to us. They give some great ideas on how kits can be used.

There are also some lovely photos and ideas on our WINDOW-KIT Facebook page.

We'd love to show more examples here of our kits being used. If you would like to see your window here, please send us your photographs. If we feature your window on our site we will send you a code for 25% off your next window-kit order (up to a maximum order value of £200) as a thank you. Please email your photographs to - we'd love to see how you use your kits!


Rojers Jewellery, Irby, using  New Season's Collections - Logo Kit and Leaf - Scatter Kit

Live Like This, Cowes using Falling Leaf - Scatter Kit

Iris, the youngest ever window dresser (4 yrs), showing that applying kits is child's play!

Tustains Jewellers, Leamington Spa using the Fronds - Scatter Kit

Great autumn window from Bea's of Bloomsbury - they're using Floating Seeds - Scatter Kit and Leaf - Scatter Kit.

Live Like This have several large windows so have used three Leaf - Scatter Kits each in a different colour (aubergine, pale pink and cream).

Leaf - Scatter Kit used again but giving a totally different look by Dower & Hall, Glasgow and Spitalfields.

Forever Daizy's using the Leaf - Scatter Kit


Another example of an autumn window using the Leaf - Scatter Kit 


Gez London are using a Baroque Corner - Border Kit (one corner shown here) with the Leaf - Scatter Kit



Let it snow - Logo Kit being used by Live Like This, Cowes

Sew Busy, Fleet, using Snowflake 6 - Scatter Kit and Snowflake 8 - Scatter Kit

Bird Baubles - Treatment Kit being used here by Little Beach Boutique, Brighton

Snowy Branches - Border Kit

Merry Christmas - Logo Kit being used in Cowes by Live Like This.

Live Like This using the Mistletoe & Rose - Border Kit

Exotic Baubles - Treatment Kit being used (above) by National Museums, Northern Ireland.

Exotic Baubles - Treatment Kit being used again, but this time by Buff in Cowes.

50's Snowflakes - Scatter Kit being used (above) by Oyster Gallery, Mumbles, Swansea.

Bea's of Bloomsbury using Snowball Flake - Scatter Kits (one kit in white and one in blue-green)


Snowballs - Scatter Kit being used by Red Lobster Gallery, Sheringham

Buff using our Baubles - Scatter Kit


Buff using the Airfix Christmas - Scatter Kit


Wild Daisy also using the Snowball Flake - Scatter Kit


Daisy Park , South Molton, Devon, using the Baubles - Scatter Kit

Creased Cards, Brighton, using Merry Christmas Snowflake - Logo Kit (above)

Snowflake 7 - Scatter Kit - there are plenty of different shapes and sizes of snowflake to choose from. This is in Buff, Cowes.


Lip Print - Scatter Kit being used by At Home, Bucks

Floral Hearts - Scatter Kit (above) being used in Cowes on the Isle of Wight by Live Like This.

Floral Hearts - Scatter Kit being used by Red Card, Petworth

Live Like This , Cowes, Isle of Wight, are using the Fretwork Heart - Scatter Kit here for a Valentine window.

N Shelley , Billericay, using the Wrought Iron Hearts - Scatter Kit

Wrought Iron Hearts - Scatter Kit - used (above) by Tustains Jewellers, Leamington Spa, to give a very different look.


  Red Card using the Button Hearts Treatment Kit


Olivia Boutique using our Love Hearts - Scatter Kit


Red Card using the Graphic Hearts - Scatter Kit


Roses - Scatter Kit being used by Dower & Hall, Spitalfields

Tustains Jewellers using Graphic Meadow - Border Kit

Ruby Tuesdays in Whitby, North Yorkshire, using the Bird Carrying Heart - Scatter Kit


Pebble Blue Design Studio , Helensburgh, using the Lip Print - Scatter Kit


Rumpus Lingerie, Wilmslow, Cheshire, using the Hearts Border - Border Kit


Smartys , Stratford Upon Avon, have use the Mistletoe and Rose - Border Kit on the lower half of the window and Valentine Bunting - Treatment Kit across the top.



Live Like This using the Eclectic Eggs - Treatment Kit for Spring/Easter

Eclectic Eggs - Scatter Kit being used this time (above) by Red Card, Petworth.

Henna Stalks - Border Kit (above) - toning beautifully with the products on display.

Jam Jars - Treatment Kit (above). Adding summer interest to the top half of the window at Little Live Like This, Cowes.

Live Like This with a great seaside summer window using M Birds - Scatter Kit

Butterflies - Scatter Kit (above) being used by Forever Daizy's Florist, Gravesend, Kent. This kit can be made in a mix of up to 7 colours to suit your scheme.


Live Like This with the Antique Bunting - Treatment Kit across the top of very tall windows.


Part of the Cake Stand - Treatment Kit


Part of the Teapot - Scatter Kit


Boswells of Oxford using the Summer Border - Border Kit


Daisy Park , South Molton, Devon, using the Bunting - Treatment Kit


Clifton Collectables , Lytham, Lancashire, using the Bunting - Treatment Kit (slightly differently from Daisy Park) and with the Oriental Fauna - Border Kit across the lower part of the window.


Happiness Store , Woodbridge, Suffolk, using I Love Dad - Logo Kit


Buff using the Watering Can - Treatment Kit


Excel Jewellery , Nottingham, using the Humming Birds - Scatter Kit . These can be used as pointers to highlight products in the window.


The Oriental Fauna - Border Kit is very popular and we have quite a few photos showing how different it can look depending on how it's used:

Oriental Fauna- Border Kit used in 3 different ways to frame a window.

Morley Stores Group , London, are using the Sea Urchin - Scatter Kit as wall graphics.


Sea Urchin - Scatter Kit being used by Forever Daizy's Florist.

Summer Border - Border Kit being used by Live Like This


Dazzle party shop use the Balloons - Scatter Kit



We're always adding new photos - check back soon to see some more!