Hints and Tips


Fitting guide

Please see our 1 minute video on the homepage - the easiest way to see how to apply vinyl graphics.


You will need a felt or plastic squeegee. WINDOW-KIT sells these (see Accessories) or you can sometimes use a credit card edge. On small stickers you can just rub it down with your fingers, however, big areas will need a squeegee. These are supplied with border kits.

You can apply the vinyl stickers wet or dry. Wet is slightly more complicated but on big expanses of vinyl it is necessary. If you do fit it wet you are sometimes able to re-position the graphic. Use water sprayed from an atomiser with a small amount of washing-up liquid. Most elements in WINDOW-KIT collections can be fitted dry. Please ensure your windows are clean before you begin.

________________________________ backing paper (white)
_____________________ vinyl sticker
_______________________________ masking film (clear)


1. Start by deciding the position of your graphic. You can do this by using masking tape, making corner edges and straight lines. This is not always necessary for a scatter kit, depending upon the desired effect.

2. Next, lay the graphic backing paper (white) side up, on a table or flat surface. Then gently rub the graphic on the flat surface to release the vinyl from the backing paper but do not remove the backing paper or the masking film.

3. Then you have 2 options

  1. Peel all the backing paper off slowly, carefully leaving all pieces of vinyl on the masking film (clear). At this point the graphic is vulnerable to dust and dirt, and could also stick to itself in high winds. Apply it carefully to the glass. This method is good for scatter kits.
  2. For border or larger kits, peel back approx. 20cm of the backing paper from one edge, leaving the graphic stuck to the masking film. Fold the excess back. Take the graphic to the glass, peel back the backing paper in a controlled manner and stick as you go. This is a good method for big graphics or if it is very windy.

4. Next, tack the graphic to the window by pushing the blank areas of the masking film to the window. There are two main ways to smooth the vinyl graphic.

  1. The “Union Jack” method. Draw a cross with the squeegee, pushing down on the vinyl, to get any excess air out. Always work from the centre, out. Rub the graphic down, flat.
  2. The Line by line method. This is the best method of application if you have gone for the second option (3b) of removing the backing paper from the vinyl in a gradual way. Starting from one edge have the graphic and masking film partly separated from the backing paper, rub down the first section, against the glass, and keep pushing it down hard. As you go along, applying the graphic, keep peeling the backing paper away, bit by bit. Keep pressing the squeegee onto the glass, along the freshly applied graphic and masking film, in an up and down motion, until all of it is down, with the masking film still left on top of the graphic.

5. Once the graphic has had a good rub down, start to peel back the masking film. This will leave only the graphic on the window. Do this slowly or in sections, if you prefer, to control the process.

Word of warning! If you are on a ladder, be careful you do not push too hard on the masking film. Sometimes as you put all your weight on it, the film will tear, and you could lose your balance. Apply it carefully and steadily and it will be fine.

6. If you have any problem areas, you have a number of choices.

  1. If you have bubbles, you can “pin prick” them. Either using a pin, or the end of a Stanley knife, pierce the bubble to release the air, then smooth with a squeegee.
  2. If you have a crease or a ripple. You can either cut the section out with a Stanley knife, or make a cut separating the creased section, and overlaying it flat. Be careful not to stretch the vinyl, which would make it lose shape.
  3. If the vinyl stickers are still wet, get a Stanley knife under the vinyl and re-lay it back down flat.

7. Finally remove any masking tape etc that you have used, and rub down the graphic again with the squeegee.

That’s it!!!!!



The best and quickest method of removing vinyl stickers (especially if you have many small bits), is to use a window scraper (see Accessories). Scrape at the window upwards, and then you can pull the vinyl away from the window. A glue residue may be left on the window, and this can be removed with kitchen roll and a bit of lighter fluid or window cleaner.