Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ....... ?

  • Scatter Kit - a collection of images randomly or formally placed across the window to add interest
  • Border Kit - images designed to frame a window and draw attention to it
  • Treatment Kit - images with more avant garde appeal to achieve a particular look or to focus on specific window contents
  • Sale Logo Kit - a complete sale pack, with all mark down messages
  • Logo Kit - images to convey a message

How do I fit it?
See 'fitting guide'.

Can I re-use it?
No, once it is stuck, the removal process stretches the vinyl so it can't be used again.

What happens if I get it wrong?
Vinyl can be applied wet and this gives you a chance to re-move or reposition the graphic – but only on simple shapes. It is worth taking your time to study the fitting guide before your first application as fitting definitely gets easier with practice and a few hints are invaluable. We include a test sticker with every kit so you can practice with something that doesn't matter.
Be aware of high winds if applying outside, as the backing tape can stick to itself, and become very tricky.

Can I get it off?
Yes. Use a “window scraper” to remove it, then a solvent, like lighter fluid or window cleaner, to clean off any glue residue.

Will it damage my glass?
No. The vinyl is a 2 year removable product. After 2 years, it will be more difficult, but will still be removable.

Do I put it up on the inside or outside of the glass?
Basically, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes the outside is easier to apply the vinyl, as you can see what you are applying and may enjoy better access. Our kits are designed for application to the inside of your window but this only matters if there is text which would be reversed if applied to the outside. If you need to apply text to the outside of your windows please select that option when ordering and we will cut it in reverse for you.

If the vinyl is on the outside, will a passer-by be able to remove it?
Yes, this is possible, but we have designed lots of schemes for big retail chains and this has never been an issue as people generally assume it is on the inside.

What if the shop next door buys the same kit?
WINDOW-KIT is committed to offering point of difference, and will inform you if existing local customers have purchased the same scheme.

Will the WINDOW-KIT collection change?
Yes, absolutely. We will launch new collections every year and hopefully invite you to look at them online.

Can I have a bespoke window?
Yes. WINDOW-KIT can offer a complete design and fitting service to meet your needs. This does incur extra costs, which can be discussed and quoted individually.

Is WINDOW-KIT always to be a flat graphic supplier?
We hope not. The WINDOW-KIT team are looking to introduce 3D props, which we have designed, in the not so distant future.

Will WINDOW-KIT fit our scheme?
Yes. WINDOW-KIT can fit anywhere in the UK for £150.00 per day, plus all expenses of travel and possibly accommodation. Quotes will be submitted and capped.

Can I return my kit, and get my money back?
Yes but please in an unused condition. See Returns.

Can I introduce a friend to WINDOW-KIT?
Yes. If you bring in a new customer, who makes a purchase, please let us know (or ask them to mention it when ordering) and we'll send you a code for 25% off your next order (up to a maximum order value of £200).

How often should we change our windows?
Most big retailers change their windows every 6 weeks. Their year goes as follows;
Jan sale, new season launch spring/summer, high summer, summer sale, new season launch autumn/winter, mid winter, Christmas.
Try to plan alternate themes, or even punctuate the year. Create a calendar of window promotions and buy accordingly.
Appearance does matter. Sometimes you can have a scheme which is a clean re-dressing of a product, with no prop or graphic. This can be a breath of fresh air. The key is to be constantly changing, looking fresh and updated.

Can we apply WINDOW-KIT anywhere else?
Yes, definitely. The WINDOW-KIT graphics can be applied to floors, walls, cars, mannequins, furniture, etc, as long as it is a smooth surface. Vinyl does not stick well to textured surfaces, like a rendered wall, or fabric.

Can I still clean my windows?
Yes. A normal clean can take place, with any normal window cleaning agents.

If we haven’t answered your question please e-mail ( and we will do our best to help.