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Now's the perfect time to start planning your Christmas shop window - we have a full range of Christmas shop window stickers to choose from and some of the most flexible are the snowflake stickers as they can be grouped to suit your display - perhaps gathered in the corners of the window or in a swirl to bring focus to the products in your window display.

If you're looking for some Christmassy song text or more scenic display it's worth browsing the full range of our Christmas shop window stickers  or Snowflake sticker kits to get a full idea of options.

Don't forget that we make the kits in the colour you choose, so give us a bit of time if you can (ideally 2 weeks) before you want to install the window.

Please have a browse through our kits:

Christmas : Snowflakes

If you have any questions about how to use our vinyl graphic shop window kits please do email us, info@window-kit.com, we'd love to hear from you and perhaps scroll down to see our 1 minute video (below) showing how to apply kits.

For a few ideas and to see kits actually being used please see our See it Live photos, our Blog or WINDOW-KIT on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.


Snow Shoe Print - Treatment Kit
Airfix Christmas - Scatter Kit
Snowflake 2 - Scatter Kit
Snowy Branches - Border Kit
Bird Baubles - Treatment Kit
50's Snowflakes - Scatter Kit
Baubles - Scatter Kit
Let it snow - Logo Kit

We work with one of London’s top window design companies to create and develop this collection of complete coordinated window display schemes. These decal (sticker) kits can be used to give your windows designer impact without any of the fuss.

Our vinyl graphic sticker kits are easy to choose, apply and update, so you can theme your windows throughout the year, giving the window impact with a fun twist. 

Some kits are meant to frame or focus attention on the products you want your customers to notice, while others highlight new selling seasons or simply show your window (and by implication, your stock) is always being refreshed.

Have a browse - it’s as simple as choosing a kit, choosing the colour and we make it and send it to you - styling your windows can be fast and fun!

If you have any thoughts, comments or ideas, please let us know, (info@window-kit.com) we’d love to hear from you!

Happy styling, Kate & Jane.

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How to apply vinyl shop window stickers - watch the WINDOW-KIT video