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January, 2018

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Valentine shop windows are the second most important windows of the year (after Christmas), giving a fun opportunity to attract attention to your window as well as showing off your products. Simple schemes can make your window look vibrant and attract attention and a little insider knowledge, like grouping or layering graphics, can really give it some impact!

The average spend on Valentines gifts in the UK is £45 and interestingly ‘lovers’ in Preston are the most generous in the country spending £53 on average. Overall, £518m is spent on gifts, £313m on food and drink (2/3 say they’ll be going for a meal) and £135m is spent on cards and wrapping.

Presents are not just for romantics; teachers, children, mothers and pets also receive Valentine gifts. Flowers are a big favourite with 73% of flowers bought at this time of year bought by men and interestingly (maybe just in America) 15% of women send themselves flowers on Valentines Day!

Unlike Christmas, consumers don’t plan as well for Valentines Day with 40% leaving it to the last week to buy their Valentine gift. So plenty of reason to create a stunning Valentine shop window and make it obvious you have Valentine gifts.

You can apply your graphics to the INSIDE or the OUTSIDE of your window which, can be very useful if you want to stand back and see how they are working with your display.

Applying Valentine shop window stickers to the outside of the window, after you’ve sorted your products in the window, can really help with getting a layout that works for both together.

There are loads of options for a Valentine shop window –  have a browse for ideas and inspiration. All our kits can be made in the colour(s) you want so they tie in perfectly with your scheme.

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl before see the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage

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