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Jan, 2019

Valentine shop windows

Valentine’s Day shop window displays

Valentine shop window stickers

Valentine’s shop window graphics

Valentine shop windows are the first opportunity of the year to create a fresh, smart and fun window after the messy sale period. The build up to Valentine’s Day increasingly works for many retailers as a theme and selling season…

The Valentine season has become a bit more varied in recent years. Of course, there is still the traditional romantic element (cue jewellery shops and restaurants in particular) but this has evolved nicely to cover many other people and things that we love and cherish. Many more retailers can take advantage of the season with an emphasis on the love we have for friends and family, pets (some of the biggest recipients of Valentine gifts) and of course nurturing ourselves. Moving it on another step takes it to loving and improving our homes and freshening up our environments as Spring arrives (perhaps that’s the Marie Kondo effect). It’s worth taking a look at your ranges and considering what might appeal as thoughtful gifts, items for self-care and recuperation or items to bring some fresh spring simplicity to the home environment. Nearly every retailer has items that can fit these themes and are the start of some fresh Valentine shop windows!


We challenge all retailers to consider their stock and which items could form part of a fresh and fun Valentine shop window display. From luxurious toiletries, to eco pet products, from home cleaning/revitalising through to inspiring books to nurture the soul. Valentines can be about loving your family through to loving your environment. Think creatively and let it inspire your Valentine shop displays.

Once you have an idea, work on it and expand it to create your display concept. Quality products within your ranges should come to the fore – as far away from the sale products as possible, shifting mindsets to the fresh, positive, uncluttered Spring season. If you need to add some colourful theming to your shop window, we’re here to help. If you need hearts, presents, lip prints, flowers, cherubs or perfume bottle shop window stickers, we have them. They can add to your Valentine shop windows to enhance and bring attention to your product displays. Here are links to some popular Valentine shop window kits that can give a fresh twist to your window display. How they are used and the colours selected ensures that every display is unique:

  • Confetti shop window graphics

    Any kit can be applied to the INSIDE or the OUTSIDE of the window. Applying to the OUTSIDE means kits can be put up and taken down without treading on the existing window display.

  • Presents themed Valentine shop window stickers.

  • All hearts shop window sticker kits (note the sizes – there are really small ones and really large ones – it’s all down to the look you’re trying to achieve).

  • All Valentine kits.

Have an idea but want some input? Please do drop us an email and we’ll send over some thoughts or kit suggestions, . Time to get creative!

Bats - Scatter Kit. 52 bat stickers in the kit make a really effective Halloween shop window display

Cake Stand Treatment Kit – cafes and coffee shops shouldn’t miss out on the Valentine theme

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your theme, then the spring clean theme or fresh Spring Flowers might be more your style. Mother’s Day is also on the horizon (Sunday 31 March) for the mothering figures in our lives…

  • Bubbles – Scatter Kit : a spring clean theme, 48 bubbles graphics in total in a mix of 2 colours (choose your own two colours). Quite kitsch and loads of fun!

  • Flowers themed shop window stickers. Check the items and sizes in the kit you want – some have very small delicate flowers and some very large ones – make sure it’s the look you’re after!

  • Mother’s Day shop window stickers (all kits with dates will have this year’s date on them – a really useful reminder for customers)

  • All Spring themed shop window kits – browse the full range.

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl for a while, take a look at the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage.

A mix of snowflake shop window stickers in this Christmas shop window display - grouped to swirl around the product in the window

Floral Hearts – Scatter Kit – some really large open hearts, designed to be layered

Bird Baubles shop window graphics kit for a sophisticated Christmas shop window scheme.

Roses – Scatter Kit contains 40 roses stickers in a colour you choose. All our kits use professional shop window vinyl which means there is NO clear plastic around the edges or within the design – it gives a really smart, clean image. 

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