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Nov, 2018

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Last minute tweaks to your Christmas shop window display can make a massive difference to your High Street impact …

We’re not suggesting that you forgot to do something to your Christmas window display, however, sometimes you might want a little something extra to freshen it up part way through the season. A small change or addition to the window can make an eye-catching change as Christmas draws closer. Simple changes can revitalise the whole display. There are some really easy ways to achieve a last minute shop window boost and we’ve summarised a few ideas. You can of course do a completely new Christmas window as Christmas approaches. For most independent retailers though, that is beyond the time and money budget. One approach that independents can take from the large retailers is putting graphics on the outside of the window. Some smaller retailers feel a bit nervous about this but it does have advantages. If you’ve used graphics on the outside then it’s relatively easy to remove or change them without disturbing the existing display. If there weren’t any graphics then it’s ideal to apply them to the outside, mid season, and relatively easily the Christmas window display is new and fresh again.


A last minute change of Christmas graphics can revitalise your Christmas shop window display for the last few weeks before Christmas. Some Christmas wishes or song lyrics or some decorative items like snowflakes or baubles can really freshen up the window display.

Simple ideas at this mid-season stage can be extremely effective – such as snowflakes appearing to whirl around the product display which can work with many Christmas displays. A complete contrast to this can be Christmassy text which can be made so it can be added to the outside of the window. The new text can increase engagement with your window and make people notice it afresh during the Christmas build up. Here are links to some popular Christmas designs that might give a fresh twist to the window. How they are used and the colours selected ensures that every display is unique:

  • Christmas song text – ask for it to be applied to the OUTSIDE of the window and it can be put up without any damage to the existing display.

  • Bauble themed Christmas shop window stickers.

  • All Snowflake shop window sticker kits (note the sizes – there are really small ones and really large ones – it’s all down to the look you’re trying to achieve).

  • All Christmas kits.

Have an idea but want some input? Please do drop us an email and we’ll send over some thoughts or kit suggestions, . Time to get creative!

Bats - Scatter Kit. 52 bat stickers in the kit make a really effective Halloween shop window display

Snowflake stickers can be applied to the OUTSIDE of the window to avoid disturbing an existing display

If you’re looking for something more unusual then our newest additions to the range might fit the bill:

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl before, take a look at the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage

Bird Baubles shop window graphics kit for a sophisticated Christmas shop window scheme.

Merry Christmas – Logo Kit can add a seasonal message to a window at any point in the build up to Christmas. Used here by Live Like This.

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