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Oct, 2018

Christmas Shop Window Display

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Christmas Shop Windows

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Christmas is the key season and the Christmas shop window display needs to do its job… attracting the attention of your ideal customer and drawing them in

In just a couple of weeks Halloween will be over and the real business of Christmas begins. Now is the perfect time to firm up your Christmas shop window display ideas. What do you want it to say about your business, how do you want it to make your customers feel? Then, get into the nitty gritty of how you can achieve that: What products are going in the window? How are you going to theme the window for Christmas? How are you going to keep it fresh until Christmas? Are you going to put the window in later or even do a second, updated Christmas window as the season progresses?

Give your Christmas shop window display a unique vibe. Think about how to give it the look and feel that is unique to your business and aim to reinforce that with your display.

We can help you with your uniqueness and it’s not as tricky as it might appear. Once you have the bones of your display in your mind, consider how that might be enhanced – what images, colours, feeling do you want to evoke? As is so often the case, simple ideas can be extremely effective – snowflakes whirling around the product display are simple and stylish, oversized baubles can evoke a fun and party feel or wintery scenes can highlight the inside/outside, cold/cosy contrasts of Christmas. Colours are also your friend when it comes to tailoring a unique window display. Toning or contrasting colours can both work well, pulling together a display unique to your business. When you have the outline of your plan, consider how Christmas shop window graphics can play a part, tieing the display together. Our kit designs are ready to browse, designed by one of London’s most sought after shop window display companies. The kits are easy to view and choose. Also, there isn’t the associated time and money costs more commonly associated with engaging a window designer. Here are links to some of our most popular Christmas designs. How they are used and the colours selected ensures that every display is unique:

Have an idea but want some input? Please do drop us an email and we’ll send over some thoughts or kit suggestions, . Time to get creative!

Bats - Scatter Kit. 52 bat stickers in the kit make a really effective Halloween shop window display

Snowball Flake Scatter Kit contains 86 snowflake stickers for a stylish shop window display

We’ve just added 4 NEW Christmas shop window kits to our range with the emphasis definitely on fun:

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl before, take a look at the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage

A mix of snowflake shop window stickers in this Christmas shop window display - grouped to swirl around the product in the window

Jumbo Fairy Lights for a fun Christmas shop window (choose in a mix of up to 6 colours)

Bird Baubles shop window graphics kit for a sophisticated Christmas shop window scheme.

Cake Signs – Treatment Kit. Fun Christmas shop window stickers ideal for coffee shop and cafes (choose in a mix of up to 5 colours)

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