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March, 2018

Cafe Shop Window Stickers

Coffee Shop Windows

There’s so much to do to create your perfect cafe or coffee shop it’s the easiest thing to overlook creating a vibrant and seasonal coffee shop window to catch attention and remind your customers to keep dropping in.

Cafe and coffee shop windows are as much an advert for the business as they are for any retailer. It may not be quite so obvious a display of products (although you might also do that) but it is a window onto the space and environment that you offer. A fresh window can catch the eye of your regulars and newbies alike. It can also be a chance to join in with events (seasonal, local or national) such as Easter, The Royal Wedding perhaps or a garden party or seaside theme for example.

Window themes don’t necessarily have to relate to your cafe’s theme or products. They can simply give a link to the seasons or add a greater community feel or show involvement in things that interest you and your customers. Being part of a positive local or national mood can attract attention to your shop and help make your business feel at the heart of your local community and add vibrancy to your High Street.

Here are some general themes and kits for cafe or coffee shop windows :

If you are thinking about a window to celebrate the Royal Wedding, here are a few more ideas:

Mix and match kits to get your unique look.

Cake Stand - Treatment Kit. An alternative Mother's Day shop window ideas.

Cake Stand graphic for cafe or coffee shop windows

Professional shop window graphics are a good window decoration option for cafes and coffee shop windows as they give a professional finish but are also hygienic, away from food and don’t consume vital space. They are also easy to apply, remove and update as the messages or the seasons evolve, keeping a window refreshed easily. Our kits are easy to browse and choose online and we make them in the colour you choose so you get the look you want, without the fuss.

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl before see the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage

Floral Hearts Scatter Kit giving the finishing touch to this Valentine shop window display.

Bunting effect shop window graphic kit for a garden party vibe. Choose up to 3 colours to suit your window.

Roses Scatter Kit being used as Valentine shop window stickers but also work well for Mother's Day

Humorous shop window graphics for coffee shop windows (Tea Pot – Scatter Kit & Tea Cups – Scatter Kit)

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