Autumn leaves shop window displays – seasonal, fresh and versatile


Sept, 2018

Autumn Leaves Shop Window Stickers

Autumn Shop Window Display

Leaf Shop Window Stickers

One Leaf Scatter Kit, so many looks…use an autumn leaves shop window display to show off new stock for the autumn season.

We have a particular favourite kit (Leaf – Scatter Kit) for autumn. We love it because it shows how a single kit can be used so differently and make each window display unique. There are, however, plenty of leaf designs out there to choose from so go with your own gut feel . Decide on the colour of your scheme and choose the colour of the leaf sticker kit to match or tone. Don’t feel the colours have to be in any way realistic (they can be, but it’s certainly not essential). Positioning the leaves across the window gives the display it’s uniqueness for example in a circle to appear to ‘swirl’ around the display or perhaps gather them in corners to frame the window – there are many options.

Before you start applying the stickers, use a bit of masking tape to tack the individual leaves into their location. You can then stand back and assess if any tweaks are needed. When it’s perfect, start applying the stickers properly.

There are plenty of other options for an autumn window and designs can also be mixed and matched to tailor your shop window scheme. Often the simpler the idea the better it works, so don’t feel pressured to come up with something super clever.

If you are feeling creative it’s good to think ahead and start coming up with some Halloween ideas. Halloween’s the time when anything really does go!

Cake Stand - Treatment Kit. An alternative Mother's Day shop window ideas.

Leaf stickers positioned to be ‘whirling’ around the product display

An autumn leaves shop window is easy to create and pulls together the rest of the window display. The effect is very unique too because the colours and the positions give such different looks as you can see from these examples. Leaf stickers can also be applied to either the INSIDE or the OUTSIDE of the window as our vinyl kits are the same colour on both sides. Kits are easy to browse and choose online and are made in the colour you choose so you get the look you want, without the fuss.

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl before see the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage

Floral Hearts Scatter Kit giving the finishing touch to this Valentine shop window display.

Leaf Scatter Kit which can be made in any of our 33 vinyl colours (3 kits are being used here and each one has been chosen in a different colour).

Roses Scatter Kit being used as Valentine shop window stickers but also work well for Mother's Day

There are many different leaf designs – Falling Leaf is shown here but there are plenty of other leaf designs.

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