Autumn and Halloween shop window displays – building towards Christmas


Sept, 2018

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Autumn and Halloween shop windows are signalling to the customer that your shop is being nurtured

Shop windows are the outward representation of your bricks and mortar business and new autumn and halloween shop windows are a key subconscious signal to customers and all passers-by that things are going on, stock is changing, new things are arriving and that it is time to revisit you. With only 13 weeks to Christmas it is definitely too early for a Christmas shop window but some of your customers will already be buying or at the very least thinking about Christmas gifts, so it’s definitely not too early to start displaying any Christmas goods that you already have within your shop.

Don’t hold back Christmas stock waiting to reveal everything at once on Nov 1. Early bird Christmas shoppers will buy it now (otherwise they may buy elsewhere) and bringing out more Christmas stock as time goes on keeps your stock feeling fresh and evolving, inviting repeat visits.

Keeping your shop window fresh and evolving through this Autumn and Halloween period is crucial to building and maintaining interest in your shop. There are plenty of options for Autumn and Halloween shop windows and props combined with seasonal products and designs can add to your own store vibe. Simple ideas often works really well, so don’t feel too much pressure. Have a look at your High Street and surrounding shops to see what works well and what doesn’t. If you want to tie it together with some window graphics, we are always happy to help and they can be made in colours to suit your display. Kits can also be applied to the inside or the outside of the window, so if you’ve finished your window and think it still needs something else, a kit can be applied to the outside to avoid disturbing your window display. Here are some of our Autumn and Halloween shop window kits for a little shop window inspiration:

If you are feeling creative it’s good to start coming up with some Halloween ideas. Halloween’s the time when anything really does go!

Bats - Scatter Kit. 52 bat stickers in the kit make a really effective Halloween shop window display

Bats – Scatter Kit contains 52 bat stickers – an easy and fun Halloween display

Although it’s time to get Autumn and Halloween shop window displays in it’s also the time to start planning your Christmas shop window – you might need to source props or materials to get the look you want. We have plenty of Christmas themed shop window graphic kits so take a browse and it might give you some ideas:

If you’ve not used professional shop window vinyl before see the 1 minute video at the bottom of our homepage

A mix of snowflake shop window stickers in this Christmas shop window display - grouped to swirl around the product in the window

Snowflakes kits are amongst the most flexible

Bird Baubles shop window graphics kit for a sophisticated Christmas shop window scheme.

Bird Baubles are shown here but also see the full range of baubles kits.

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